How did Nolan Neal Die?

Nolan Heal

Nolan Neal, a singer and guitar-playing performer, was one of the acts that competed on America’s Got Talent during its 15th season.

In the competition where the judges choose the winner, he did not go past the semifinals. As a result of his participation in the show, America’s Got Talent,

local Nashville native Nolan Neal is now known far and wide as a vocalist and performer who has achieved widespread success as a result of his participation in the show.

Nolan Neal

He has more than six million views on YouTube, a song that reached the top 40 on Billboard, and two singles that were number one on the charts on iTunes.

The fact that both of Nolan’s parents have worked as musicians professionally throughout their lives has had a significant impact on Nolan’s musical identity from the time he was a little child.

How did Nolan Neal Die?

The singer-body was discovered Monday at his Nashville home. He had a history of abusing drugs, according to the police, but the exact reason for his death has not been established.

On Neal’s bedside desk was a guitar pick that “looked to have powder residue”  when the body was found, according to legal police.

The performer had previously been open about his struggles with substance abuse, and during his America’s Got Talent audition, he delivered an original song he wrote called “Lost” that was entirely about his struggles.

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