How Did Rod Marsh Die?

Rod Marsh died after suffering from a severe heart attack.

Marsh was transported to Royal Adelaide Hospital from Bundaberg earlier this week after having a massive heart attack last Thursday.

Marsh was put into an induced coma and died on Friday morning, many days after being evacuated to a hospital in Adelaide.

Earlier this week, his family disclosed the cricket legend’s severe condition.

Marsh was the first Australian gloveman to hit a Test century during his 14-year international career, appearing in 96 Tests.

Dennis Lillee and Marsh have collaborated for the most dismissals in the history of the game.

Marsh worked in a variety of coaching, high-performance, and administrative jobs across Australia and England after retirement.

He was inducted into the Cricket Australia Hall of Fame in 2005.

Marsh made a name for himself as a cricketer during a period when the sport was transitioning from amateur to professional.

He joined World Series Cricket without hesitation, and while he never captained the Test squad, he did lead Western Australia to a Sheffield Shield/Gillette Cup double in 1976/77.

Marsh retired in 1984 with a total of 355 Test dismissals, a world record at the time.

In the 1977 centennial Test against England, he hit his final Test century.


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