How Did Xavier McCain Die?

Xavier McCain

Wednesday marked the passing of a high school football player in the state of New Jersey who had apparently sustained a traumatic brain injury.

The death of Xavier McClain, a sophomore at Linden High School who suffered a head injury on September 9 during a varsity game against Woodbridge (N.J.), was announced on Facebook by Mayor Derek Armstead of Linden, New Jersey. McClain passed away two weeks after the injury.

Xavier McCain
Xavier McCain

Armstead called on the people in his community to pray for McClain in a post he made on social media on a Saturday. At the time, McClain was in the hospital battling for his life.

According to, the head injury occurred during a kickoff that started the second half of the game. A few minutes after the play, the video of the game shows play being stopped and an ambulance being brought out onto the field. The game did ultimately get back underway. Linden (1-2) won 31-0.

Unfortunately, the passing of McClain is not the only tragedy that has shaken a high school football team so far this season.

The injury occurred a day after the passing of a high school football player who attended a high school in the adjacent town. According to, on September 8 it was found that Ali Muhamad, a senior at Rahway High School, had passed away while he was sleeping.

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