Top Chef Star, Thomas Patrick Colicchio is an American Celebrity Chef who has been earmarked in five James Beard Foundation Awards for just cooking accomplishments. The Top Chef was born on August 15, 1962, and hails from New Jersey in Elizabeth. Tom is regarded as one of the most exceptional chefs ever known in New York and New Jersey.

Because of his skill in the field, he has served as a judge on reality shows such as “Top Chef” and “Best New Restaurant” among others. Aside from having all of these Guest accolades, he has served as a judge on several of the most popular shows.

Colicchio was born in New Jersey, according to his early biography. Beverly and Thomas Colicchio are his parents. When Tom started his career in the 1980s, he worked as a sous-chef for Thomas Keller. In the year 1994, his drive and perseverance drove him to team up with one Danny Meyer to open the Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park. Since then, Tom has steadily risen to new heights, which he continues to do today.

How good of a Chef is Tom Colicchio?

Colicchio has a reputation for being a nice guy. Although Colicchio is best known for his work on television, he has many restaurant businesses. One Jayaraman further stated that he is well-known in the field. He is a highly regarded chef who has received five James Beard Foundation Awards.



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