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How Long has Greenwood and Harriet Been Together?

Mason Greenwood, a promising young player for Manchester United, burst onto the scene and rapidly earned a reputation as one of the league’s top young players before an off-the-field incident in January derailed his promising career.

Greenwood’s girlfriend at the time, Harriet Robson, said that he had raped and sexually assaulted her. She also posted photos to her Instagram story that she said showed him abusing her. She also spread audio recordings of their conversations, in which the striker was said to have tried to force himself on the victim.

This resulted in the involvement of the police, and he was ultimately arrested as a result. Greenwood was released on bond as the investigation into the incident continued.

Even so, Manchester United quickly put out a statement saying that he was no longer part of the team and couldn’t go to the training center.

In addition, Nike ended their sponsorship agreement with the athlete at the same time that FIFA banned him from the game.

How Long has Greenwood and Harriet Been Together?

Greenwood and Harriet have known each other since their school days at Ashton on Mersey School in Greater Manchester.

They started dating in 2019 until the recent incident early this year. Greenwood and Harriet were a power couple as they shared a lot of their fun time together on social media. They moved in together in 2022 after a year of dating.

Greenwood was detained in January of this year on charges of rape and assaulting a woman, Greenwood was later taken into custody on charges of sexual assault

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