After only 45 days in power, Liz Truss resigned in humiliation on Thursday, making her the shortest-serving prime minister in the annals of British history rather than a modern icon of the Conservative Party.

There was a general consensus that Truss was unqualified for the position and unable to persuade anyone, from the general public to currency and bond traders in London, to support her vision for Britain.

Her removal also reflects an ongoing identity crisis among Conservatives, a fragmentation that led to the excruciating experience of Brexit and leaves open the question of not only who will lead the country, but also in what direction it will go.

Concerning its standing in the world and its relationship to Europe, the way to handle surging inflation and a predicted recession, and the best course of action to take regarding topics ranging from immigration to climate change, Britain is in a state of confusion.

Truss hurriedly retracted herself and her supply-side, trickle-down plan for growth, dumping key ministers and dismantling her flagship policy, which had included tax cuts for high-earners, investors, and companies and was supported in the near term by additional borrowing and debt.

The most influential members of the Conservative Party are sharply divided over who should take the helm of their party and become the third Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in eight weeks.

How Long Was Liz Truss PM For?

Liz Truss’s administration lasted for 45 days. Truss made the announcement about her plan to quit as prime minister on October 20, 2022, in the midst of a protracted economic and political crisis. Truss has become the shortest-serving prime minister in British history.

Why Did Liz Truss Resigned?

Truss resigned as a result of a terrible and quickly rescinded economic strategy that caused a precipitous drop in the value of the pound and wreaked havoc on her ministry.

The current head of the ruling Conservative Party is now engaged in a contest for the future head of the party, which will complete within the next week. This contest will determine who will become the next prime minister by default.


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