Don Shula was an American football defensive back coach who served as a head coach in the National Football League ( NFL) from 1963 to 1995.  For most of his career, he was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins team in Miami. Shula has the record of the head coach with the most NFL winnings. He had 347 career victories and 328 regular-season victories.

Shula was born January 4, 1930, in Grand River, Ohio, United States of America and died on May 4, 2020, at Indian Creek, Florida, united states of America the age of 90. He is survived by his wife, Mary Anne Stephens and five children.

Don was previously married to Dorothy Bartish, with whom he was in a relationship since high school. They had five children: Dave, Donna, Sharon, Anne, and mike. Dorothy died of breast cancer on February 25, 1991.

How many grandchildren does Don Shula have?

At the time of his passing, their family had sixteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Shula’s oldest son, David, 61, and his wife, Leslie, have three sons, Danny, Christopher and Matthew. Shula’s oldest daughter, the Donna, has five children, Alex, Lindsey, Tyler, and twins Calvin and Carly. Mike and his wife, Shari, have three daughters, Samantha, Brooke and Ryan. Information about whether the last two daughters, Sharon and Anne have children is unknown.


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