Just as humans after a certain period in a particular field retire after a period and are celebrated so is it with sports. In sports, teams retire numbers as a sign of respect and honor to the individuals who wore them during a period of their time with that team/club.

After the retirement of the number, no player to come will be made to use it; only under certain special conditions(though rare).

Although retiring of jersey numbers is done to honor players, some teams choose to honor their fans as well by retiring the number 12 referring to the twelfth man. Some teams such as Sacramento Kings also retire the number 6 in honor of their fans referring to the sixth man.

In some instances too some numbers are retired to honor a tragedy that took place in the team’s stadium, city, or state.

Some sports that retire jersey numbers are baseball, ice hockey, cricket, basketball, American, and association football.

Whenever a team retires a number, the jerseys are referred to as hanging from the rafters; because they are made to hang in the team’s home arena.

How many numbers have the Indianapolis Colts Retired?

The Indianapolis Colts have retired 8 numbers which are not enormous in number since others have over 10 retired numbers.

What are the Retired Numbers?

The Indianapolis Colts retired numbers are;

Number of Player               Name of Player                 Years with Team

  • 18                                           Peyton Manning                             1998-2011
  • 19                                            Johnny Unitas                                 1956-1972
  • 22                                           Buddy Young                                    1953-1955
  • 24                                            Lenny Moore                                   1956-1967
  • 70                                           Art Donovan                                      1953-1961
  • 77                                           Jim Parker                                           1957-1967
  • 82                                          Raymond Berry                                    1955-1967
  • 89                                           Gino Marchetti                                    1953-1966

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