Honoring individuals in any society is necessary for tomorrow’s leaders to yearn to also give their all. The world of sports is also a strange one when it comes to honoring great sportsmen/women.

In the world of sports, individuals are honored by electing them into either Hall of Fame status or retiring the numbers on the jersey they wore during their stay in a club.

American football has had a number of its teams retiring some jersey numbers as a way of honoring the contribution of the sports personnel who did put them on and brought about great victory and joy to the team.

How many numbers have the Dallas Cowboys retired?

The Cowboys; an American professional football team have not officially retired any numbers and probably may never will. This is because the owner of the club Jerry Jones instituted a system whereby people worthy of honor were inducted into a Ring Of Honor instead of retiring their numbers.

Also, another reason for so can be placed at the doorstep of the restricted numbers team are allowed to use for players.

Are there Any Jersey Numbers Not Worn By The Team?

Although there are no official retired numbers, the team has stopped using some numbers on its jersey for its players. The numbers no longer in circulation are 8, 12, 22, 74.

No. 8

This was the number on the jersey worn by Troy Aikman; one of the greatest QB the team has ever had. In his years of playing for the Cowboys, he won 3 Super Bowl titles. He also managed to be the Walter Payton Man of the Year, Super Bowl MVP Award. He is a member of the Ring of Honor folks of the team.

No. 12

The No. 12 jersey adorned the back of Roger Staubach who spent most of his playing career with the Dallas Cowboys before moving to Canton, Ohio. He made it to five Super Bowl games where he together with his team emerged victorious from 2.

No. 22

Emmitt Smith; the player who last wore the jersey with the number 22. He is a three times Super Bowl champion and one of the best running backs in NFL history as well as Dallas Cowboys. During his time of play with the Cowboys, he scored more than 1000  career points although he was a non-kicker.

No. 74

Bob Lilly popularly known as Mr. Cowboy wore that number for 14 seasons with the Cowboys. He helped win a single Soper Bowl but most importantly, he defined the 1960s for the team.


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