How Much Does Each Kansas City Chiefs Coaching Staff Take As Salary?

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas city Chiefs are a baseball team with one of the most skilled and experienced coaching staff with the team being headed and managed by Mike Matheny.

The team has some great coaching staff like Allan de San Miguel, Mike Matheny, Keoni De Renne as well as Terry Bradshaw.

Here is a list of all the coaching staff of the team and their various salaries and net worth;

Kansas City Chiefs Coaching Staff Salaries

Manager & Coaches Position
Mike Matheny
Mike Matheny 22 Manager

$9 million

Pedro Grifol
Pedro Grifol 6 Bench Coach

$1.5 Million-Net Worth

Terry Bradshaw
Terry Bradshaw 44 Hitting Coach

$5 million

Keoni De Renne
Keoni De Renne Assistant Hitting Coach

$1.5 Million-Net Worth

Cal Eldred
Cal Eldred 21 Pitching Coach

$19 million-Net Worth

Damon Hollins
Damon Hollins 75 First Base Coach

$1 Million – $5 Million-Net Worth

Vance Wilson
Vance Wilson 25 Third Base Coach

$6 million-Net worth

Larry Carter
Larry Carter 34 Bullpen Coach

$1 Million – $5 Million-Net Worth

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz 18 Coach

$100,000 – $1M-Net Worth

John Mabry
John Mabry 47 Coach

$1-5 Million-Net Worth

Allan de San Miguel
Allan de San Miguel Strategist/Bullpen Catcher
Ryan Eigsti
Ryan Eigsti 80 Bullpen Catcher
Parker Morin
Parker Morin Lead Strategist/Bullpen Catcher
Bill Duplissea
Bill Duplissea Replay Coordinator


Andy Ferguson Advance Scouting Analyst
Luis Perez Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Nick Kenney Head Athletic Trainer
Kyle Turner Assistant Trainer
Chris DeLucia Major League Tissue Therapist/Second Assistant Athletic Trainer
Ryan Stoneberg Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jeff Blum Physical Therapist

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