Seattle Seahawks is an American football team that was established in 1976. The football team got its name when it was declared that the public should suggest a name suitable for the team.

Thus, a public naming contest was held which brought out over 20,000 entries and more than 1,700 different names. The name “Seahawks” was put forward by Mary Hoolahan of Seattle. The name Seattle Seahawks (“Seahawk”, another name for osprey) was selected on June 17, 1975.

The Seattle Seahawks has been part of the National Football League (NFL) since 1976 till date. The team is the only team to have played in both the American Football Conference(AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Games.

The Seahawks again are the only NFL team to switch conferences twice in the post-merger era.

The team’s home uniform used to be Royal blue and white and blue and green arm stripes with a silver helmet and pants. The road uniform was white with blue and green arm stripes. This was later changed when Nike became their official uniform supplier.

Currently, the team has three different jersey colours: navy blue, white, and an alternate grey jersey. They also have three different pants: navy blue with green stripes, grey with navy blue stripes, and white with navy blue stripes.

How Much Does Each Seattle Seahawks Coaching Staff Take As Salary?

The coaching staff salary largely depends on the type of coach one is. The head coach takes about $916,000 as salary whiles the lowest level of coach takes around $208,000 as salary.


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