How Much is Miami Marlins franchise worth?

As of 2021, the Miami Marlins were worth $990 million. They are one of the least valued franchises if not the least.

The Miami Marlins are a professional baseball team based in the city of Miami, with their headquarters in the same city of Miami. As a member of Major League Baseball’s National League East division, the Miami Marlins represent Florida. LoanDepot Park is where they have made their stadium.

The Florida Marlins were a new expansion franchise that began play in 1993. The Miami Marlins and the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League used to share Joe Robbie Stadium, which is now known as Marlins Park.

It was in 2012 that the team relocated to Marlins Park, which was the team’s first exclusive and first baseball-themed stadium. Prior to the 2012 season, the team was renamed the Miami Marlins in compliance with an agreement with the park’s owner, Miami-Dade County, which was reached in 2011.

The Miami Marlins have only made the playoffs three times in their existence, with two of those appearances culminating in World Series victory for the team.

With the Colorado Rockies, they are one of only two clubs in Major League Baseball history to have never won a division championship while competing as a wild card team (the other being the New York Yankees). The Miami Marlins are also the first wild card to win the World Series, having done so in 2004 and 2005, making them the first in baseball history.

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