Who are the Candy’s

The brothers are luxury property developers from the United Kingdom.

In the Estates Gazette rich list 2010, the brothers were reported to have a combined net worth of £1.5 billion, putting them at number 52 on the list of the UK’s wealthiest property developers.

The brothers attended Priory Preparatory School and Epsom College in Surrey, after being born in London to a Greek-Cypriot mother and an English father.

Christian went on to King’s College London to pursue a business management degree but did not complete it. Nick obtained a degree in Human Geography from the University of Reading.

A one-bedroom flat in Redcliffe Square in Earl’s Court was their first purchase in 1995 It cost the boys £6,000 from their grandma to refurbish their £122,000 home.

After 18 months, they sold the property for £172,000, generating a profit of £50,000. ‘

These two brothers began refurbishing flats in their leisure time from 1995 to 1999 in order to climb the property ladder.

In 1999, Nick and Christian were able to give up their day jobs at J. Walter Thompson and Merrill Lynch, respectively, and founded Candy & Candy, of which Nick is CEO, a marketing firm.

Nicholas and Christian, who worked together on the One Hyde Park project in London, have been running different enterprises for a long time.

Candy Property was rebranded Candy & Candy in June 2018 to emphasize Nick Candy’s full ownership of the company and to better link it with his other businesses.

The CPC Group was founded by Christian in Guernsey in 2004 with the goal of specializing in luxury residential developments all over the world.

In London, though, some of their most high-profile projects have taken shape.


How Old Is Nick Candy?

Nick Candy is 49 years old. He was born on January 23, 1973



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