John Clayton, known as professor Clayton was a renowned sports news reporter and writer who worked for ESPN and also the National Football League(NFL).

John began his writing career early in his high school days at Churchill Area High School where he reported sports news. He later started writing for Steel City Sports, which happened to be a weekly news publication in Pittsburgh. In 1975, Steel City Sports made John a staff member.

Although he was working for the Steelers, he was also working as a stringer for several radio networks, including AP Radio, and covered games and provided the network with sound clips from locker room interviews after games involving Pittsburgh’s professional sports teams.

In 1976 after he has graduated from Duquesne University, he worked for The Pittsburgh Press and did part-time work for the paper while attending college.

John managed to work his way up to become the Steeler’s most beat writer at the Press. He left the Steelers in 1986 and joined ESPN in 1995. He first joined the team as a reporter but later on added a weekly radio show during the NFL off-season games.

How old is Professor John Clayton?

John Clayton was 67years old at the time of his death.


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