How Tall Is Rick Burkholder? What Is Rick Burkholder’s Height?

Rick Burkholder, regarded as one of the best athletic trainers in the NFL, began his eighth season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, his third as the team’s Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance.

Following his promotion in 2018, he continued to lead the athletic training staff and expanded his responsibilities to include the team’s strength and conditioning and equipment departments.

Burkholder is married and has two children with his wife Kristine (Quinn Taylor and Carly Ann). Richard, his father, was a long-time athletic trainer at Carlisle High School (Rick’s alma mater), and both he and his son were honoured notable alumni in 2003.

Burkholder was elected to a three-year term as President of the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) on Feb. 19, 2014, one of the highest honours in his profession. The PFATS serves the NFL players, member clubs, and other members of the community while ensuring the highest quality of health care provided to the NFL.

During his term, he concentrated on two key initiatives, emphasizing the necessity of athletic trainers at the youth and high school levels, as well as the need for gender equality among the NFL’s athletic trainers.

How Tall Is Rick Burkholder?

Rick Burkholder’s Height is currently unknown


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