It has been claimed that Love Island’s Chloe Burrows and Toby Armolaran have ended their relationship after spending 13 months together.

During the season of Love Island that aired a year ago, the two of them met while competing and went on to finish in second place, behind Millie Grace Court and Liam Reardon.

Chloe Burrow and Toby Aromolaran
Chloe Burrow and Toby Aromolaran

According to reports, Chloe and Toby have moved in together in their home in Essex but are working on finding a method to end their relationship.

The Daily Mail was told by a source that there has been no wrongdoing on either side and that the two individuals have just grown apart.

They said: “Chloe and Toby put everything into their relationship – but it just hasn’t worked out between them.

“There’s been no wrongdoing, they have simply grown apart, and over time realised it’s better for them both to split.”

Chloe recently returned from a vacation in Morocco, where she spent time with Love Island winner Millie Grace Court, who recently broke up with her boyfriend of a few months prior, Liam Reardon.

It was rumored that Chloe went on the trip in order to put some distance between herself and the recent split she experienced.


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