Christopher Pratt was a Canadian painter and printmaker. Subjects like naked women, landscapes, portraits, and home settings all pique Pratt’s interest, and his images convey a sense of tranquility and restraint to the viewer.

Pratt used abstracted collages in his printmaking process, starting with studies and moving all the way to the silkscreen. A few years later, Pratt accepted a position as curator at the Memorial University Art Gallery, which had just been established that year.

Mary Pratt
Mary Pratt

He worked at the gallery for two and a half years before making the decision to leave and go to Salmonier, Newfoundland, where he now devotes all of his time to painting.

Among the many retrospectives of his work that have taken place over the years are those held by the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1985, The Prints of Christopher Pratt: 1958-1991 in 1992, the National Gallery of Canada in 2005, and the Rooms in 2015, which celebrated a decade of his work.

The Canadian government’s Stamp Design Advisory Committee and the board of the Canada Council for the Arts have both had Pratt on their boards since the 1970s.

Pratt designed the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Flag in 1980. Public collections include the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa; the Vancouver Art Gallery; The Rooms; and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Is Christopher Pratt Married?

The late Canadian Christopher Pratt is not yet married now. He has been married and divorced before.

Who Is Christopher Pratt Wife?

Christopher Pratt was married to Mary West Pratt, who happens to be a painter as well. At Mount Allison University, Pratt met artist Mary West. After tying the knot in 1957, they called it quits in 2005.

As a Canadian artist who painted photo-realistic still lifes, Mary was renowned for her work. However, while Pratt did not think of her art as being concentrated on one subject matter, her early works depict household situations, while some of her later works have a darker undertone and focus on people as the main subject matter

Being emotionally invested in her subject matter inspired her to paint what she felt was most appealing. Prêt often spoke of her paintings communicating the sensuality and erotic energy of light in them.

She and Christopher had five children: John, Anne, Barbara, Ned, and David, who died in infancy.


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