Getting To Know Elizabeth Truss

Elizabeth Truss, who was born in Leeds to left-wing parents, has been the Conservative MP for South West Norfolk since 2010. She is presently one of the Cabinet’s most senior and longest-serving members.

She was named Foreign Secretary in September 2021, becoming only the second woman to occupy the position, following Labour’s Margaret Beckett.

Truss was rapidly seen as a rising star in the Conservative Party, and she was appointed Education Minister as early as 2012. Truss has served a variety of Cabinet roles since 2014.

Truss is considered to be on the Conservative Party’s right, and she has stated that Margaret Thatcher was her “favorite” Prime Minister. However, after Boris Johnson’s victory, this viewpoint may have shifted. Truss is well-known for her staunch support for the Prime Minister.

What Degree did Liz Truss get?

In 1996, after graduating from the University of Oxford, As a backbencher, she advocated for policy changes in a variety of areas, including childcare, math education, and the economy.

Is Elizabeth Truss Married?

In the year 2000, Liz Truss got married her spouse, Hugh O’ Leary. Separately, Liz Truss was accused of having an affair with MP Tory Mark Field, who was married at the time.

Truss had been having an affair with Field for nearly a year at the time she was chosen. It started in May 2005 and finished one month later, during the General Election campaign.

According to Paul Rogan, the treasurer of Calder Valley Conservatives at the time, Truss was joined by her then-lover while she campaigned for votes. Truss narrowly defeated Labour for the seat by 1,300 votes.


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