Is Jofra Archer Dating? Who Is Jofra Archer Girlfriend?

Even though Archer has tried to make his private life issues private ,news about his secret girlfriend has made way to the internet. Druanna Butler is speculated to be the secret girlfriend of Archer Jofra although both individuals have not officially made any announcement regarding the speculated relationship.

There are few pictures of them together on the internet as they enjoy the weekend a festival three years ago.

Druanna was first noticed when she was seen dancing with England cricketer Jofra at a paint festival in Barbados 2019. The video received a lot of attention as Jofra had just participated in the  then just  ended  cricket world cup against New Zealand where he played a significant role in their success and was gaining popularity.

Is Jofra Archer Dating? Who Is Jofra Archer Girlfriend?
Is Jofra Archer Dating? Who Is Jofra Archer Girlfriend?

Who is Jofra Archer Girlfriend?

Druanna Butler is Archer Jofra’s girlfriend as it was revealed that the couple had known each other for months before the video of them dancing together was released in 2019. There were a snap that was posted in January earlier that year by Jofra at a waterfall in  Wellington park where he tagged Druanna who was also at the place at that time.

She is a 35 year old British  woman, weighs 59kg and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. There are many pictures of them taken together at different places which show that they are happy in their relationship.

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