Josephine Ann Tewson passed away on August 18, 2022, at the age of 91. Her death was announced by her management.

Josephine Tewson was most recognized for her roles in several popular television shows, including Keeping Up Appearances and Last of the Summer Wine.

Following her graduation from RADA in 1952, Tewson enjoyed a long career on stage and film.

Some of her most well-known performances include Elizabeth Warden, Hyacinth Bucket’s patient neighbor and hesitant confidante on Keeping Up Appearances, as well as later on-off appearances in Last of the Summer Wine as Miss Davenport.

Josephine Tewson
Josephine Tewson

Tewson, who was married to the actor Leonard Rossiter for three years before the couple divorced in 1961, had a successful career in television series during that time.

She was a regular performer on David Frost on Sunday and Hark at Barker, where she shared the stage with comedy legends Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker, and she also racked up appearances on the police-themed classic Z-Cars and The Charlie Drake Show.

Tewson’s first major role was as Edna “Mrs. H” Hawkins in the first six series of the sitcom Shelley, which began airing in 1979.

Shelley was created by Peter Tilbury and starred Hywel Bennett, Warren Clarke, and Belinda Sinclair. Tewson’s performance was her breakout performance.

She collaborated once more with Ronnie Barker in 1988 on the film Clarence, which was to be his final production before he left the industry.



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