Is Katie Price Truly a Cheat? Has Katie Price Cheated on Her fiancé Carl Woods?

Carl Woods, Katie Price’s fiancé, has reportedly broken up with her.

In the midst of their ongoing court issues, the couple – who got engaged 11 months ago – is alleged to have split up for the time being.

Carl, 33, was accused of ‘abusive and threatening behavior’ against glamour model Katie, 43, and is scheduled to go on trial on June 16.

Katie has been accused of harassing Michelle Penticost, the fiancée of her ex-husband Kieran Hayler.

Katie, 43, dropped the engagement ring Carl, 33, gave her for an Instagram video the day before the rumored split, and he has since deleted all records of their romance from his social media accounts.

Katie and Carl have chosen to part ways,’ according to sources. It’s been a trying few months for them, and their continuous legal battles have just added to the pressure.

For the time being, it appears to be over, and they are both disappointed.’ However, it would come as little surprise if they reconciled.

Carl and Katie continue to follow each other on Instagram, despite the fact that Carl deleted all photos of the couple from his account.

Is Katie Price Truly a Cheat?

Yes, Katie Price is a cheat. According to her, she cheated on her ex-boyfriend Boyson when they were still dating

Has Katie Price Cheated on Her fiancé Carl Woods?

According to Carl Woods, he feels Price is cheating on him and have had an affair with another man behind his back.



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