Is Laura Robson Dating? Who Is Laura Robson Boyfriend James Yates?

Laura Robson Boyfriend James Yates

Hitting on the Internet today to read some news around the world, you are likely to read numerous articles with “Laura Robson has been forced to retire from tennis at just 28 years old as injuries have brought a painfully early end to her career.” as the headlines.

This is because the former teen star has announced her retirement from tennis tournaments following three major hip surgeries.

Robson won the junior Wimbledon title at 14 years old and was just 18 when she won Olympic silver alongside Andy Murray in the mixed doubles,, and she peaked in the top 30 while still a teenager.

However, a string of injuries, firstly to her wrist and latterly her hip, have brought about an early end to her career on the court.

She reached a high of number 27 in the world rankings, and her best run at Grand Slams saw her make the fourth round at Wimbledon and the US Open.

Laura Robson

Laura has had a supportive partner whom she officially announced, somewhere in 2020. He is called James Yates.

Who Is Laura Robson’s Boyfriend James Yates?

James is a UK-born model, who is ranked as one of the world’s sexiest male models. Moreover, the six-foot has been featured in shooting campaigns for the likes of popular brands such as Hugo Boss and Tom Ford.

Super Male Model James Yates

James made the relationship on Instagram official a week before Laura, by posting a photo of them together.

The British couple has been dating for a while and at the time the couple made it public, Laura’s tennis colleagues all commented something like “it was about time you made it public.” Freya Christie remarked “Never thought I’d see the day,” Jodie Barrage said “Instagram official, about time,” Katie Boulter commented “Finally,” while Madison Keys’ reaction was “Omg. An actual post?!?!”

James was born on 9th January 1992. He lived most of his life in London and not much is known about his academic journey nor any about his childhood. In 2017, footage he took whiles trapped in a pub due to terrorist attacks went viral. He has over 70,000 followers on Instagram. He began his modeling career with an automatic one-way ticket to Australia and got propelled by Burberry-clad joie de vivre.

In one of many interviews, he said he was a sensitive person, even though his line of work demands that one has a thick skin. He also said close friends and his partner Laura knew this and understands even though he tries to keep it away from most people as possible. He loves his woman Laura and has her in his plans for the next 5 years.

Laura Robson Boyfriend James Yates
Laura Robson Boyfriend James Yates

James Yates is also a mental health advocate

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