Is Mary Beth Hurt Related to William Hurt?

Mary Beth and William Hurt were a couple. From 1971 through 1982, Hurt was married to Mary Beth Hurt.

Hurt had a relationship with Sandra Jennings while still married to Mary Beth Hurt, and their son was the catalyst for Hurt’s divorce from Mary Beth Hurt.

Six years later, Jennings filed a high-profile court case claiming she was Hurt’s widely accepted wife under South Carolina law and so entitled to a part of his wealth.

Although a New York judge found in Hurt’s favor, the actor’s relationship with fame remained tense.

William Hurt, a leading man in films including “Broadcast News,” “Body Heat,” and “The Big Chill,” was known for his laconic charisma and self-assured nuance as an actor. He had died at the age of 71 years.

Hurt won an Academy Award for “Kiss of the Spider Woman” in 1985, after a long career in which he was nominated four times.

Hurt swiftly established himself as a mainstay of the 1980s after making his cinematic debut in Paddy Chayefsky’s “Altered States” in 1980 as a psychopathologist researching schizophrenia and experimenting with sensory deprivation.

Hurt co-starred with Kathleen Turner as a lawyer enticed into murder in Lawrence Kasdan’s 1981 sensual neo noir “Body Heat.”



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