Is Nolan Neal Dead or Alive?

The death occurred at the age of 41 of musician Nolan Neal. It was well known that the Nashville singer had competed on America’s Got Talent Season 15 in 2020 and The Voice Season 10 in 2016.

On Monday, July 18, the musician’s roommate discovered Neal’s body in their apartment in Nashville, according to his cousin, Dylan Seals, who spoke to TMZ about the tragedy. No information regarding the cause of death has been made public.

Nolan Heal
Nolan Heal

The local law enforcement agency reported that a guitar picks that “appeared to contain a powder residue” was discovered on the desk in Neal’s bedroom.

The musician had previously been candid about his battles with substance abuse, and during his audition for America’s Got Talent, he performed an original song called “Lost” that was about these battles.

During the course of his audition, Neal disclosed the circumstances surrounding his father’s death by suicide, as well as the impetus behind his decision to advance his career in music.

His battles with substance abuse got much more difficult after he signed a record deal in Los Angeles, but the song “Lost” was the first thing he wrote after he quit using drugs and alcohol for good. A standing ovation was given to him by the judges after he performed the song.


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