Is Shane Warne in a Relationship?

Shane Warne dated  Elizabeth Hurley at a point in his life.

Throughout his life, the sports star was involved in a series of personal scandals, including some involving him sending text messages to married women.

In 2010, Warne was spotted kissing actress Elizabeth Hurley after a string of high-profile marital infidelities.

Warne subsequently stated on Twitter that he and Callahan had broken up, but only his closest friends and family were aware of the news.

Following reports of adultery, his relationship with Hurley appeared to be short-lived for a while.

The couple, however, moved in together at Warne’s Brighton property, causing a media frenzy.

In late 2011, the couple announced their engagement.

They reportedly ‘called off their nuptials in December 2013, according to WHO magazine.

After Woman’s Day magazine published an article claiming he and Hurley had revived their affair last year, the batsman resorted to Twitter to vent his emotions.

‘My children and I have had to put up with your falsehoods and invented stories for the past 30 years – but not anymore,’ he wrote.

Warne had previously remarked about his relationship with the actress being a “total circus.”

Following a tumultuous journey to Sydney, they called it quits, with Warne later explaining, ‘We couldn’t go anyplace else because we’d have 30-40 people, photographers, press teams, everywhere we went.’


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