Formerly known as Zelnková, Ivana Marie Trump was a successful businesswoman, television presenter, fashion designer, author, and model of Czech descent. On July 14, 2022, she passed away.

Trump was also married to former American President Donald Trump’s first wife. She resided in Canada during the 1970s before relocating to the US.

Ivana Trump Mother: Who is Ivana Trump's Mother Marie Zelnickova?
Ivana Trump Mother: Who is Ivana Trump’s Mother Marie Zelnickova?

She later had important administrative positions with The Trump Organization as vice president of interior design, CEO, and president of Trump’s Castle casino resort, as well as manager of the Plaza Hotel.

Trump has had four marriages. According to a biographer, she married Alfred Winklmayr in her first marriage to obtain Austrian citizenship.

From 1977 through 1992, she was married to Donald, and during that time they had three kids: Eric in 1984, Ivanka in 1981, and Donald Jr.

She claimed to speak German, French, Czech, and Russian with ease and had 10 grandchildren at the time of her death.

Who is Ivana Trump’s Mother Marie Zelnickova?

Marie Zelnickova is known to be the famed mother of the late Ivana Trump who has sadly passed away today. Maria was married to Milos Zelnizek who was the father of Ivana Trump.

Both of Ivana’s parents have passed away with her father Milos, passing away in 1990.

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