Jan Rot Children: Meet Elvis Rot, Rover Rot, Wolf Willem Rot

Jan Rot

Jan Rot was a well-known Dutch singer-songwriter who was noted for his many song translations, both mainstream and classic, in the Netherlands. He was born in Makassar on December 25, 1957, and died in Rotterdam on April 22, 2022.

In Easter 2006, his Dutch rendition of Bach’s St Matthew Passion topped the Dutch pop album charts. In 2021, Rot was diagnosed with terminal cancer, although he continued to play until April of the following year.

Jan Rot
Jan Rot had three children: Elvis Rot, Rover Rot, and Wolf Willem Rot. There is almost no information about Jan Rot’s children.

In the year 2000, he embarked on a new career path, first as a global hit translator and interpreter, then as a repeater of classical music masterpieces. He gained prominence as a consequence of his transformation. Others have dubbed him a “virtuoso her-talker” with a platinum record.

Jan Rot had three children, Elvis Rot, Rover Rot, and Wolf Willem Rot. Unfortunately, there is almost no information about Jan Rot’s children because he managed to shield them all from media attention.

Elvis Rot, according to her Instagram page, is currently in Toneelschool Arnhem, a drama school in Arnhem, Rover Rot was born on March 14, 2005 (age 17 years), and Wolf Willem Rot was born in May 2005.

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