The news of prominent and non-prominent alike who keep passing away is on the rise. This time around who are we looking at this time. Meet Jay Brandow, a former WNEM TV-5 reporter who has just passed away. His death has been trending since he was pronounced dead. His demise was confirmed and pronounced by his colleague workers who leaned about it.

Brandow’s family has given notice to the public of the devastating news that hit them. They publish the heartbreaking story on  Facebook.

“He’s going to be missed by a lot of people,” one MLive Mark Torregrossa clarified. He worked with Brandow for a period of five years at WNEM TV-5. “He wasn’t the kind of co-worker who disappeared after he retired. He still kept in touch with people and hung out with them.”

Coming to his work area, it is a fact that Brandow has been with WNEM TV-5 since August 1984. He retired from the organization in the year 2011. One of his Co-workers by the name Eric Jylha stated that “He was an old-style reporter who knew everybody and had lots of sources,” Jylha added. “People would call him with the news because they knew him and trusted him.”

Jay Brandow
Jay Brandow

What happened to Jay Brandow?

Several obituaries have been produced, and many people have demonstrated their sorrow at his untimely death. However, we haven’t been able to find any credible data about what caused his death.


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