Jayda Wayda Real Name: What is Jayda Wayda Real Name?

Jayda Cheaves

Although she is well known for being the girlfriend of American rapper Lil Baby, Jayda Wayda is one of those young American businesspeople that are born with the ability to work hard. She made the decision to publish a book after completing her college degree in 2018 in order to assist other young people in starting and running profitable businesses.

The publication’s title was “15 Important Steps to Become a Young Boss.” She talked about how she started her business at a very young age in this particular book. Additionally, she is a well-known American Instagram queen. On her Instagram profile, she offers for sale a variety of bundles, wigs, clothes, accessories, and hair-related products. She sells clothes items online through a store called “Amourayda.”

Jayda cheaves
Jayda cheaves

In order to advertise her clothing articles, she performs the modeling work herself. You can see her wearing different dresses at different times, posing up for attractive photo shoots. Jayda is famous for hosting different events in New Orleans, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas. The young girl loves to have fun, eat food, and listen to crazy music.

What is Jayda Wayda Real Name?

Jayda Wayda’s real name is Jayda Ayanna.

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