Jeff Hardy is an American professional wrestler and musician currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and is widely known for his time in WWE and TNA.

Hardy has had a long and successful solo career, winning his first of six global championships with the WWE Championship in 2008, as well as WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship twice and three times with TNA.

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy

He’s also won the Intercontinental Championship five times, the Hardcore Championship three times, and the European, Light Heavyweight, and United States Championships one time apiece in the WWF/WWE era.

Having earned the needed championships, he is the 18th Triple Crown Champion and 9th Grand Slam Champion in WWE history (one of five men to complete both WWE Grand Slam formats and one of two to win both original Grand Slam titles) (one of five men to complete both WWE Grand Slam formats and one of two to win all original Grand Slam titles).

For both WWE and TNA, he has headlined multiple pay-per-view events, including two appearances at TNA’s signature event, Bound for Glory. His popularity among wrestling fans was recognized twice by the readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Jeffrey Nero Hardy Spouse: Who is Jeffrey Hardy’s Wife Beth Britt?

In 1978, Jeff Hardy’s wife Beth Britt was born. After 12 years of dating, the pair eventually tied the knot on March 9, 2011.

Beth is a housewife who, like her renowned husband, is a fan of the arts, music, and animals. As a self-proclaimed paranormal aficionado, Beth frequently tours haunted houses and other buildings.

In Southern Pines, North Carolina, in 1999, Hardy and Beth met in a nightclub. After winning his first WWF Tag Team Championship with his brother, Matt, Hardy headed out to a nightclub with a group of friends.

As a result of their initial interaction, they began to date each other. When it comes to his wife’s position in his life, Hardy has been very open. When it came to dealing with injuries and stress, The Charismatic Enigma found relief from his problems by practicing yoga with Beth.


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