Aside from working as a pediatric nurse and party planner, Jemma is also the ‘The Label Lady’ on Instagram, with over half a million followers.

As for Jemma’s label business, the 33-year-old does exactly what it says on the tin, manufacturing vinyl personalized labels for all of Stacey’s home decor.

Jemma has mastered the art of labeling everything from tea and coffee tins to cleaning product baskets and dog biscuit jars.

Some of Stacey’s personal events have been put together by Jemma, including Rex’s first birthday celebration.

I had some pre-lockdown balloons for Rex’s first birthday, but I was sad that I couldn’t go crazy and decorate like a crazy aunty, and mummy did a fantastic job at making her first balloon arch, but at least I was able to send some balloons and I’m sure we will make up for it next year,” Jemma wrote in a post.

On her personal Instagram account, Jemma mostly posts gorgeous images of her children Darcy,  Mila,  and Hudson, and snaps of her husband Lee.

Jemma Solomon Net Worth

Jemma Solomon’s net worth is not known but she earns a good salary being a Nurse

Jemma Solomon Wiki

Jemma Solomon is not on Wikipedia. Her personality is less documented so there is little known about her lifestyle

Jemma Solomon Nurse

Jemma Solomon is a Paediatric nurse

Jemma Solomon Husband

Jemma Solomon is a married woman. Her husband is Lee

Jemma Solomon Parents

Jemma Solomon’s parents are David and Fiona Solomon

Jemma Solomon Siblings

Jemma Solomon’s siblings are Matthew and Stacey Solomon

Jemma Solomon Eyes

Jemma Solomon Age

Jemma Solomon is 33 years old. Her birth month is not known


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