Jerry Jones Wife, Who Is Eugenia Jones?

Since 1963, Eugenia and Jerry Jones have been married. Eugenia and he initially met on a blind date when she was a freshman at the University of Arkansas and he was the football team’s captain.

Jerry Jones Wife, Who Is Eugenia Jones?
Jerry Jones Wife, Who Is Eugenia Jones?

The Jones have become one of the world’s most prominent and rich families after over six decades of marriage. The Dallas Cowboys were named the most valuable NFL club for the 15th year in a row in Forbes’ annual ranking of the league’s teams (as of 2021).

The Cowboys are valued at $6.5 billion, which puts them ahead of the New England Patriots, who are $1.5 billion behind them on the list.

Who Is Eugenia Jones?

Eugenia Jones is the gorgeous wife of Jerry Jones. The duo has been married since 1963 after dating for a period of time.

Eugenia Jones (78 years old) was born in 1944, whereas Jerry Jones (80 years old) was born in 1942. The Joneses have three children and nine grandkids. Stephen, Charlotte, and Jerry Jones Jr. are all involved in the family business of owning and operating the Dallas Cowboys.

Despite the fact that her husband is better known for his adventures with the Cowboys, Eugenia has made a name for herself in the metro Dallas community.

The former Miss Arkansas USA is also co-chairman of the Meadows School of the Arts, as well as a member of the AT&T Center for Performing Arts’ Board of Directors and the Texas Cultural Trust Board.

Her love of art has resulted in a popular collection at the AT&T Center, where she has assisted in the commissioning of various pieces of art to be displayed.


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