Everyone loves games. Video games hide and seek, chess, and the lottery. The game of chance or maybe luck. Well, there’s the biggest lottery win currently in Europe and someone is in the City with some cash. Yes.

A couple who are described by their friends as “good and nice family” have won the jackpot. Identified as Joe and Jes Thwaite, this couple has had a magic wand bring to them a massive £184 million Euro Millions jackpot. The couple is from Gloucestershire.

The pair have been married for 11 years and have two children, both at primary school. They recently moved into a new home where they have three dogs, five chickens, two geckos, and three ponies, two of which are loaned. Joe and Jess Thwaite, from Gloucester, went public at a news conference hosted by Dermot O’Leary at Ellenborough Park Hotel, in Cheltenham, this morning (May 19).

Jess Thwaite Biography
Jess Thwaite Biography

Hitherto her overnight millionaire win, there was and currently is no background data on Jess Thwaite. She is also a wife and mother to two primary school children.

Jess is married to Joe Thwaite. Her father, she said, used to play the National Lottery until 7 years ago, when he died. He coached her on what to do when she ever wins, and this Jess says has been her inspiration to play with her husband Joe.

The couple bought their EuroMillions lucky dip ticket on the National Lottery App and received an email the next morning saying there was good news regarding their ticket. Something Jess says she brushed away as a joke when her husband told her about it.

Jess Thwaite Real Name

Because there are no known backed up data on the newest British millionaire she is only identified as Jess Thwaite.

Jess Thwaite Real Age

Jess Thwaite is 44years old, but her exact date of birth is not yet known. More investigations would need to be done to know this and hopefully now that the Internet has spotted her, we should know soon.

Jess Thwaite Career

The only information known yet is that Jess Thwaite runs the financial section of a family hairdressing salon, which she runs with her sister. She is also a wife and mother to two primary school children.

Jess Thwaite Children

Jess and her husband Joe Thwaite keep mentioning having two children in most of their interviews so far.  However, just like other I formations yet to have, there is currently no data on these two children although it is known that they are primary school children with two lovely ponies, two geckos, and three dogs.

Jess Thwaite Husband

Joe Thwaite is the husband of Jess Thwaite. He has been playing the National Lottery with Jess taking up the mantle after the death of Jess’s father seven years ago. He is a communications sales engineer and has two children from a previous marriage who are said to be in the university now.

Jess Thwaite Net worth

Currently, Jess Thwaite is confirmed to be worth an enormous £184million. This she is thanks to winning the national lottery with her husband.


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