Jim Hagedorn Cause of Death

The death of Hagedorn was caused by a kidney problem. He’s been waging a protracted war against kidney cancer.

In February 2019, Hagedorn was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. After a series of testing at the Mayo Clinic, he disclosed in July that cancer had returned.

He was found to be infected with Covid-19 in January after a random urine test. He claimed to have been immunized and was only showing moderate signs of the illness. It is not known what caused his death, according to his wife.

“The new diagnosis was unexpected, given that no cancer had been found just 14 weeks prior. However, as any cancer survivor will tell you, you must fight the disease day in and day out “as he put it back then.

It’s very uncommon for even the most successful recoveries to face unanticipated obstacles, such as mine.

A statement sent Friday by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., expressed deep sorrow at the loss of a friend and colleague.

As of Jan. 2019, Hagedorn had served in Congress as a member of the 1st District of Minnesota, which includes parts of Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota. Tom Hagedorn, his father, was a member of Congress from 1975 until 1983.



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