After appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and on her own reality program, Totally Jodie Marsh, beauty model Jodie Marsh has become a multimillionaire thanks to her work in the reality television industry.

In recent years, she has also become a winner in the sport of bodybuilding. In 2011, she competed in the national finals and placed sixth.

However, it cannot be said that she rose from poverty to wealth.

Jodie, who was born in Essex and raised on a huge estate by her wealthy parents, already had a life of remarkable affluence before she became famous.

She had a perfect academic record and was brought up by her parents.

Her astute parents, Kristina Marsh and John Marsh were both self-made millionaires as a result of their success in the scaffolding company. Sadly, Kristina Marsh passed away in 2020 from cancer.

Jodie, who will soon turn 43, even had a home of her own, which was built specifically for her by her father on the grounds of the family estate.

Jodie Marsh
Jodie Marsh

She attended the prestigious private Brentwood School when she was younger, which cost £10,000 per year, and she received 11 GCSEs with grades of A or B in addition to three A’s in her A-level classes.

Jodie had ambitions of becoming a veterinarian or a lawyer when she was younger; nevertheless, she ultimately realized her dream of making a six-figure income through lap dancing, which was something she cherished doing.

Jodie Marsh Parents

Jodie Marsh was born to Kristina Marsh and John Marsh who were business owners.

Her parents were believed to be rich due to their scaffolding business. Her mom, Kristina died from cancer in 2020

Jodie Marsh Husband

Jodie Marsh has been married twice. she was married to Matt Peacock, a model in 2007 and divorced the following year.

She later married James Placido, a fitness instructor in 2015. Their marriage lasted for eight months.

Jodie Marsh and her ex-husband James Placido went through a highly acrimonious divorce process.

Jodie Marsh Children

Jodie Marsh has never had any children. Jodie Marsh has stated in a public statement that having children is “selfish,” and that she will never become a mom.

Jodie Marsh Siblings

Jodie Marsh has one brother named Jordan Marsh. Jordan has kept his personal lifestyle away from the media. Any information about him is limited for now


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