Joe Buck Children

Joe Buck is a sportscaster from the United States. Buck has two daughters with Ann Archambault, with whom he was married.

Meet Natalie Buck

Natalie Buck was born on June 7, 1996, in St. Louis, Missouri, to parents Joe and Ann Buck. Before migrating to Bloomington, Indiana, she spent her youth with her parents in her hometown.

Natalie Buck works as a telecommunications engineer as well as an actress. However, she is most known for being the daughter of American sportscaster Joe Buck.

Along with reaching a professional milestone as an engineer, she has dabbled in acting, making a few cameo appearances in tiny roles in well-known films.

Meet Trudy Buck

Trudy Buck was born in the year 1999 to Joe Buck and Ann Buck. She spent a significant portion of her life in her hometown of St. Louis. She had a good background growing up in a prosperous home.

Rudy Buck is an actress who has been involved in the film industry for a long time.

However she has yet to achieve the desired level of celebrity in the entertainment industry, she has never stopped pursuing her passion for the movie industry.

To further her schooling, Trudy Buck relocated to Los Angeles. She enrolled in the School of Cinematic Art at the University of Southern California.

Trudy is a graduate of the School of Cinematic Arts and currently resides in Los Angeles.


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