Australian boxer Johnny Famechon AM competed in the featherweight division. Famechon entered the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame in the Moderns category in 2003, then in 2012, he was selected as the seventh member to receive Legend status. His 20-year professional boxing career helped him establish a solid reputation as a skilled boxer whose defense was his strongest suit. His overall record consists of 56 victories, 6 ties, and 5 defeats.

In 1964, he defeated Les Dunn to win the Victorian featherweight championship, and in 1967, he defeated the Scotsman John O’Brien to win the Commonwealth featherweight championship. On January 21, 1969, at London’s Albert Hall, he fought Cuban José Legrá on points to win the Lineal and WBC featherweight championships.

To retain the WBC featherweight title, Famechon defeated Fighting Harada of Japan by a narrow margin on points. Six months later, Famechon and Harada would square off in a world title bout; Famechon would prevail by stopping Harada in the sixteenth round. On May 9, 1970, in Rome, he took on Mexican Vicente Saldivar to defend his WBC title. Shortly after the fight, he announced his retirement due to the close points decision loss. Ambrose Palmer served as his only professional trainer, and he never competed in amateur bouts.


Johnny Famechon
johnny famechon

Johnny Famechon Obituary

Johnny Famechon died on Thursday, August 4 2022. Currently, the cause of his death is unknown. Plans are underway to prepare his funeral. May his soul rest in peace.

Johnny Famechon Net Worth

Johnny Famechon’s net worth has been estimated to be over $1.5 million.

Johnny Famechon Family

Johnny Famechon was from a family of four, his parents and his younger brother with him inclusive.

Johnny Famechon Parents

Johnny Famechon was born to Andre Famechon and Antoinette Famechon in Paris, France.

Johnny Famechon Wife

Elise Famechon was the wife of featherweight legend, Johnny Famechon. They got married in 1970.

Johnny Famechon Children

Johnny Famechon has two children. A son, Paul Famechon, born in 1972 and a daughter, Danielle, born in 1974.

Johnny Famechon Age

Johnny Famechon was born in March 1945. He died at the age of 77 on August 4 2022.


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