Jon Embree Current Contract

Jon Embree, who had a one-year contract with the 49ers in 2021, refused to accept a hefty wage cut in order to return for a sixth season.  He was previously signed to a five-year, $75 million contract extension that expired in 2021.

Jon Embree has been hired by the Miami Dolphins as their assistant head coach and tight ends coach.

As far as positioning coaches go, the Dolphins appear to be getting a well-regarded one.
Since 2006, Embree has served as an NFL head coach. Prior to joining San Francisco in 2017, he served as tight-end coach for Kansas City, Washington, Cleveland, and Tampa Bay.

He also worked with McDaniel, who was hired by the Dolphins earlier this week, when coaching George Kittle’s unit. Additionally, Embree held the position of assistant head coach, which he will keep in Miami.

Embree formerly worked as an assistant coach for the Kansas City Chiefs for three seasons, three seasons with UCLA, one season with the Cleveland Browns, and ten seasons at Colorado.

Following the conclusion of his playing career, Embree went into television broadcasting before being recruited to volunteer as a coach with the Buffaloes by head coach Bill McCartney in 1991. During McCartney’s first recruiting class as head coach in 1983, Embree was a member of the group.


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