Cain International, an investment firm that currently has assets worth $10.8 billion under management, was co-founded by Jonathan Goldstein, who also serves as the company’s CEO.

Cain agreed and launched a joint venture earlier this month with the intention of investing in student housing in the United Kingdom with the goal of amassing a portfolio worth approximately £1.5 billion.

Jonathan Goldstein
Jonathan Goldstein

Additionally, Cain serves as Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, which is an umbrella organization for the most important Jewish organizations and charities in the United Kingdom.

In addition to this, Boehly has been a long-time business partner. Goldstein, together with Boehly and another partner, Henry Silverman, departed Guggenheim Partners in 2014 to start the new fund, Cain. Goldstein and Eldridge, of which Boehly is the CEO and founder, co-founded Eldridge. Henry Silverman was a partner at Guggenheim Partners.

While Nick Candy, one of the potential buyers of Chelsea, has not yet assembled his group of investors, Goldstein and Boehly have established a long-term connection that undoubtedly has established a great deal of trust, both in terms of business and otherwise, which is a significant advantage.

In his capacity as Trustee, he oversees UHCC’s Chief Rabbi’s Office. A trustee of the Gerald And Gail Ronson Family Foundation, he is also a member of the board.

At the same time, he serves as a co-president of Camp Simcha, an organization that provides help to children with mental health issues. The Ilford United Synagogue was founded by his maternal grandparents.

Jonathan Goldstein Siblings: Does Jonathan Goldstein Have Siblings?

Businessman Jonathan Goldstein has no siblings. It is evident that Jonathan Goldstein is the only child of his parents since there are no records of his brothers and sisters.



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