In both British theater and television, actress Josephine Ann Tewson is well-known. In British television sitcoms, she gave some of her most recognizable performances. She was born on February 26, 1931, in Hampstead, London, the daughter of Kate and William Tewson. On August 18, 2022, she passed away.

Her mother Kate was a nurse and a direct ancestor of Sheffield Wednesday’s 1890 FA Cup-winning captain Haydn Morley. William, her father, was a double bassist in the BBC Symphony Orchestra and a working musician. In 1952, she received her diploma from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after continuing her education there. She portrayed Elizabeth Warden, Hyacinth Bucket’s reluctant confidante and neighbor, in the television series Keeping Up Appearances.

Tewson portrayed Elizabeth Warden, Hyacinth Bucket’s neighbor and hesitant confidante, in the television series Keeping Up Appearances. She also appeared in practically all of the five episodes, providing Mrs. Bucket, the chaotic and illiterate main character, with a frequently frenzied but helpful counterpoint throughout the five episodes.


Josephine Tewson
Josephine Tewson

She has consistently denied being Inman’s cousin in interviews. She first debuted her one-woman show Still Keeping Up Appearances? in 2012, and in early 2019, she started touring the UK with it. She most recently made a cameo in two episodes of Doctors as Audrey Wilson, a kleptomaniac, and Marjorie Page, a woman with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease (“Now You See It,” 2009). (2012). She also acted in the roles of Mrs. Briggs and the Fairy Godmother.

Is Josephine Tewson Married?

As at the time of her death, she was unmarried. She was previously married to Leonard Rossiter, whom she divorced and married Henry Newman. She and Newman also divorced after 8 years of being married.


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