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Julee Cruise

Julee Ann Cruise was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor who was best known in the late 1980s and early 1990s for her collaborations with composer Angelo Badalamenti and film director David Lynch.

She recorded four albums and worked with a wide range of musicians.

The song “Falling” by Cruise was the theme music for the television series Twin Peaks. She had brief roles as a roadhouse singer in both the original Twin Peaks series and the 1992 film Twin Peaks:

Fire Walk With Me. She returned 25 years later for the revived series Twin Peaks: The Return (2017), performing in the penultimate episode’s closing credits.

She also performed in Lynch and Badalamenti’s Industrial Symphony No. 1 concert, which was videotaped and released on home media.


Other noteworthy songs include “Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart” (1990) and “If I Survive” from her Wide Angle album released in 1999. My Secret Life, her final album, was published in 2011.


2004 saw her in the Broadway musical Return to the Forbidden Planet and the bio-musical Radiant Baby.

Julee Ann Cruise, who was born in Creston, Iowa, was the daughter of the local dentist.

She studied French horn at Drake University and worked as a singer and performer with the Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis (most notably as Jinjur in theatrical adaptations of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books).


She relocated to New York and performed as Janis Joplin in the revue Beehive, while also collaborating with Angelo Badalamenti.

Julee Cruise Net Worth

Julee Cruise’s had a net worth estimation of  $2 Million

Julee Cruise Cause Of Death

As of this writing, there is no known cause of death for Julee.


Her husband, Edward Grinnan, broke the news of her death.

Julee Cruise Husband

Julee Cruise husband is Edward Grinnan

Julee Cruise Parents

Julee Cruise Parents are Wilma and Dr. John Cruise.

Julee Cruise Children

Julee Cruise did have any children

Julee Cruise Career

Julee Cruise was a musician, singer, songwriter and actress,

Julee Cruise Awards

Not available

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