Linebacker is one of the incredible positions in all sports. The individuals who play this position normally have extraordinary size and strength like that of a cautious lineman, making them overshadow the normal person.

Basically at the expert level, these goliaths likewise ordinarily have incredible speed. This empowers them to zoom around defensive handles, pulverizing quarterbacks afterward, or find fast running backs in the open field. They are a factual peculiarity, and it’s apparently a justification for why our minds are so intrigued by their endeavors.

Kansas City Chiefs Best Linebackers Of All-Time

Bobby Bell

Bobby Bell was an immense success for the Kansas City Chiefs, even before he set foot in the field wearing the group’s red and gold. A hotshot at the University of Minnesota, in their prime no less, Bell was profoundly pined for by both the NFL and AFL. The NFL made things clear when the Minnesota Vikings chose him sixteenth generally in the 1963 NFL Draft.

Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas wasn’t simply an untouched player in the Kansas City Chiefs establishment history; he was and is a record-breaking fan top pick. The speed, power, and effortlessness with which Thomas manhandled hostile lineman during the 1990s were almost unrivaled.

For a fan base whose group’s prosperity for that period was to a great extent predicated on the achievement of the cautious side of the ball, Derrick Thomas was the foundation.

Willie Lanier

Willie Lanier was the first African-American star at center linebacker, playing 11 seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs. The man they called “Contact,” 6’1″ and 245 pounds with a body apparently loaded up with concrete, Lanier was known for his loud hits. However, his career isn’t only characterized by his bone-pulverizing capacity.

E.J. Hollub

Emil Joseph Holub, or E.J. as he became known, was a champion two-way player in school for Texas Tech and expertly for the Dallas Texans who in the end turned into the Kansas City Chiefs.

A Texas Tech legend, known as “The Beast” during his playing profession for his solidarity and durability, Holub was the primary football player to have his pullover number resigned by the Red Raiders.

Derrick Johnson

Derrick Johnson had a wild ride as an individual from the Kansas City Chiefs. Drafted at the last part of the regularly regarded Dick Vermeil time, Johnson came from one of the loftiest football schools of the beyond quite a few years in the Texas Longhorns.

As a high draft pick, a lot was required from him. He was a decent player almost immediately, yet appeared to battle with the commitment the group required from him. He was in the end sidelined for a period in 2009, posting a simple three beginnings and 37 all-out handles that season, yet this was only the coal Johnson expected to get his inner fire going.


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