Kate Moss Parents: Meet Peter Edward Moss And Linda Rosina Shepherd

Linda Rosina Shepherd

The famous supermodel and actor Kate Moss’s mother, Linda Rosina Shephard (Moss). The waitress was one of Linda Shepherd Moss’s previous jobs (particularly as a barmaid).

With her daughter Moss by her side, Linda Rosina has been spotted on a number of different occasions. In addition to this, the two of them spend some quality time together bonding as mother and daughter.

Linda Shepherd, Kate Moss’s mother, worked as a bartender for many years. Croydon, which is located in Surrey, is the city where Linda was both born and reared. When Kate was 13 years old, her parents split and she became an only child.

Peter Edwards, who worked for the airline, was Linda Moss’s husband at one point. Linda Rosina Shepherd is 74 years old at this point in her life.

She was born in 1947, and the 8th of September is always reserved for the celebration of her birthday. After ending her marriage to Kate’s mother, Linda began a relationship with Kate’s stepfather, Geoff Colman.

Meet Peter Edward Moss

Peter Edward Moss is a travel agent and is known for being Kate Moss’s father. Kate Moss is a model. The 6th of April 1994 found him being born in London, and he currently works in the travel industry.

Peter Edward Moss, Kate Moss’s father, is a doting and encouraging role in the life of his daughter. Kate Moss and Lottie Moss are his kids.

He had a family with his wife Linda Rosina, which included two children. His ancestry may be traced back to both England and Wales.



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