Kay Mellor Children: Meet Gaynor Faye And Yvonne Francas

Kay Mellor

Kay Mellor was an English actress, scriptwriter, and director. She was known for creating television shows such as ITV British drama Fat Friends (2000–05), as well as co-creating CITV’s British children’s drama Children’s Ward (1989–2000).

Kay Mellor
Kay Mellor

When she was not starring in Jane Eyre, Mellor starred in a number of television shows and films, including Stan the Man (2002), A Good Thief (2002), and Gifted (2003).

Kay Mellor has performed in several stage productions, including Three Girls in Blue and Queen, a one-woman performance at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in which she also wrote and starred.

The Chase, another one of her productions for BBC One, aired in July of that year. Based on her stage play from 1992, she wrote and directed the two-part drama A Passionate Woman, which aired on BBC One in April of that year.

She was motivated to write the play by her mother’s story of having a passionate affair with a man while she was married to Mellor’s father and not being happy with the outcome.

Before disclosing the romance to Mellor, her mother had kept it a well-guarded family secret for more than three decades.

The Syndicate was written by her for BBC in 2012. In 2013, a third series was released, and a fourth will be released in 2021. Her BBC series In the Club premiered in 2014 and was renewed for a second season in 2016.

Kay Mellor Children: Meet Gaynor Faye And Yvonne Francas

The late Kay Mellor is survived by two daughters. They are Gaynor Faye and Yvonne Francas. When Kay Mellor was 16 years old, her husband pregnant her.

Their first child is Yvonne Francas. Her parents were married in 1968, the same year she was born. She’s a television producer, therefore she knows a lot about the industry.

Her second daughter, Gaynor Faye, was born in 1971. Besides acting and writing, she is also a model. Fat Friends, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale are just a few of her credits.

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