How did Keith Martin Die?

How Keith Martin died has not yet been revealed but he is believed to have died in his apartment more than a week before the Apartment manager reported the case to the Local Police. He died at the age of 55

There was a strong odor coming from a 6th-floor unit, according to local authorities from the District Eastwood Police Station.

The rotting body of Martin was found in the unit after the report was made at around 07:00 AM. The body was found on the bed, according to the media outlet.

Local accounts, however, stated that Martin had been dead for a week prior to his death.

Police in the Philippines are currently looking into the official reason for Keith’s death, and neither his family nor friends have provided any additional information.

Though the position of his body in his condo suggests a specific cause of death, it’s not conclusive.

It is possible that Martin could die in his sleep due to possible causes such as seizures, stroke, or pharmaceutical overdose.

Known for his R&B music and production skills, Keith Eric Martin was an American singer and composer. Romantic love songs were the genre he was most famous for writing.

In the late 1980s, Martin was a major player in the local music scene, having grown up with Johnny Gill, Stacy Lattisaw, bassist Oteil Burbridge, and Kenny Lattimore as close friends.

D’Extra Wiley later joined the 1990s new jack R&B group II D Extreme as a member of Masquerade, which included twins Art and Scott Powell, Sharif Walters and D’Extra Wiley.


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