The Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Level Up season has now begun, much to the joy of viewers and fans of the program who have been waiting such a long time for it.

Only one of the twelve people living in the house is married, and show host and media star Ebuka Obi-Uchendu was the one who brought them all into the house.

BBNaija Kess
BBNaija Kess

Kess, who is 28 years old and married, proudly disclosed during his introduction that the reason he is participating in the show is to earn money.

Kess gave a positive response when he was asked if he has the full support and agreement of his wife, and he emphasized that his wife is a woman who is understanding when making his response.

As a direct result of his confession, users on social media have already been able to unearth photographs of Kess with the woman who holds a unique place in his heart.

Despite this, the producers of BBNaija got ready to launch a whole new season of the critically acclaimed reality program, which promises to be both exciting and entertaining.

Kess BBNaija Parents: Who Are Kess BBNaija’s Parents?

Tony Adjekpovu who is one of the housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 7 has not shared any details of his biological parents, hence not much is known about them.

His surname, Adjekpoe could also prove that his parents bear the same surname.


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