Meet Kirill Shamalov’s Father Nikolay Shamalov

Nikolai Shamalov is a Russian dentist, businessman, and Ozero founder who was born in Belarus. He is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest confidants. After acquiring a stake in Bank Rossiya, Shamalov became extremely wealthy.

Shamalov worked as a dentist in Leningrad until the 1990s. He established the company Masterdentservis in Leningrad in 1994.

From 1992 to 2008, Shamalov worked as a Siemens Medical Systems salesman in St. Petersburg, selling medical equipment.

Shamalov allegedly failed to answer questions from Siemens internal investigators concerning money laundering, corruption, and bribes, according to Sergei Kolesnikov.

Shamalov was fired from Siemens as a result of this.

Shamalov’s family and Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Ocheretnaya’s family vacationed together in Davos, Switzerland, in early 1997 and prior.

Bank Rossiya was co-owned by him, Yuri Kovalchuk, and Dmitry Vladimirovich Gorelov in 2004. Shamalov is the bank’s second-largest shareholder.

Through their ownership of Rossiya Bank, Shamalov and Yuri Kovalchuk have become the most prominent investors in Russia’s growth of its unlawful takeover of Crimea during the current Russo-Ukrainian War as of January 2019.

Forbes ranked him as the 198th richest Russian in 2011, with a fortune of $500 million.

Shamalov has been sanctioned by the European Union since 30 July 2014, Liechtenstein since 31 July 2014, Canada since 2 August 2014, Switzerland since 27 August 2014

Australia since 2 September 2014, and Ukraine since 17 October 2016 due to ongoing Russian interference in Ukraine and Shamalov’s close personal relationships with Vladimir Putin.



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