Kirill Shamalov is a Russian businessman who is known to be the ex son in law of the current Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Kirill is of Russian descent as he was born March 22, 1982, in Saint Petersburg in Russia. He obtained his university degree in jurisprudence at the Saint Petersburg State University in Russia. After obtaining his university degree, Kirill got employed in Gazprom – media, Russia’s largest media holding company and was given an executive position in the company.

Kirill also worked at Sibur, a Russian petrochemicals company in 2012 where he first held the position of Vice President of Business Administration but was later on promoted to the position of a deputy CEO making him the industry leader of the company.

In February 2013, Kirill got married to Katerina Tikhonova, Vladimir Putin’s second daughter in a beautiful ceremony. Almost five years after getting married, the two decided to go their separate ways which caused Kirill to lose 50% of his wealth.

After his divorce from Katerina,  Kirill got married the second time to Zhanna Volkova and had a daughter with her. They separated somewhere in 2021 after being married for two years.

Kirill Shamalov Siblings: Meet Kirill Shamalov’s Brother Yuri Nikolaevich Shamalov

Kirill Shamalov has one brother in the person of Yuri Nikolaevich Shamalov. Details of Yuri’s life is unknown as he keeps a low profile.


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