Larry Neumann Jr Cause of Death

Although the official cause for Larry’s death has not been released, many stories have indicated that he died as a result of diabetic complications.

A legendary Chicago actor is known for his rough and tumble demeanor, Larry Neumann Jr., died at the age of 62. Sandy Borglum, his ex-wife of 18 years, announced his death.

There is no one who can match Neumann’s contributions to Chicago’s theater over the course of several decades. The Famous Door Theatre Group, a significant off-Loop company, was managed by him for a period of time while he was still mostly known as an actor.

He took on a well-deserved paternalistic role with younger actors in later years, often signing himself off as “Uncle Lar.” He was a regular at pre-pandemic post-show pub meetings, recounting his numerous combat stories from the off-Loop theater.

Neumann’s work here dates back to the mid-1980s, when he worked with Blind Parrot Productions and New Crimes Productions in the back room of the Amethyst Grill and Tavern on North Broadway.

In 1986, Neumann starred in Charles Marowitz’s “Artaud at Rodez,” in which he injected himself with a needle on stage and was hammered into a coffin at the end; witnesses said he screamed and pounded on the cover as the audience excited.


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