Laurel Goodwin Cause of Death

Goodwin passed away on February 25, 2022, in Cathedral City, California, at the age of 79.

Goodwin was born in Wichita, Kansas, on August 11, 1942. Her family later went to San Diego, and finally to San Francisco.

As a child model, Goodwin made her film debut as Elvis Presley’s love interest in the film Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962).

Augusta Griffith was her co-star in the Paramount comedy Papa’s Delicate Condition, the daughter of Jack (Jackie Gleason) and Amberlyn Griffith (1963). Stage to Thunder Rock (1964), Law of the Lawless (1964), and The Glory Guys (1964) all featured her (1964). (1965).

She’s also been on a few comedy shows. She also starred as Phoebe, the Chief’s niece, in Get Smart and Stella in two episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies (“Robin Hood and the Sheriff” and “Robin Hood of Griffith Park”) (both in 1967).

After retiring from acting in 1971, Goodwin worked as a home nurse for around 35 years. She became her husband’s full-time carer when he got ill, and she stayed with him until he died a year and a half later.

Laurel Goodwin Cause of Death

The death of Goodwin was announced online on February 25, according to an obituary. There was no mention of the cause of her death.

She had a long and successful career in cinema and television, and she made her film debut in 1962, alongside Elvis Presley, before moving on to other projects.

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